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About the Dome

My vision, my dream was to create a circular yoga space, a mandala of positive energy, to attract yoga enthusiasts and a community based practice suitable for all. A dream that continued for over 20 years, finally came true in the form of the dome, my igloo, the yurt, the mandala, or whatever it means to you, it is also means to me! On Valentines day, Lulushanti Yoga Dome was born, where all of my heart and passion combines with yours. A few moments away from everything which makes the Algarve beautiful, tucked away off the beaten track, you will discover an oasis surrounded by peace and nature; your home from home, your safe space and a moment to escape the life challenges, to enjoy the challenges of yoga. 



My mission is to build an international community; a support network for those experiencing trauma and stress; where we can share our unique skills and talents; and offer other holistic services for the community

"A healthy social life is found only when, in the mirror of each soul, the whole community finds its reflection, and when, in the whole community, the virtue of each one is living"

Rudolf Steiner



To build a community and to serve others less fortunate through charitable service and donations. 

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much" Helen Keller

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