Kids Yoga

There are a variety of movement-based extra curricular activities available for children in schools, nurseries and play centres in the Algarve. These include dance, karate, capoeira, gymnastics and sports.  But the question is, what makes yoga for children so unique and special compared to what is already available? By practicing yoga yourself, you will start to notice all the benefits it offers, such as better body alignment, relaxed breathing, concentration, stress reduction and a general sense of well being. Yoga for kids offers the same benefits, and much more.Yoga for kids is more than just yoga postures.  It encourages children to express their unique and special qualities through fun and educational games. Children will develop strength, coordination, flexibility and balance, as well as body awareness, breath control, and better focus, concentration and self-confidence. Each class will have a different theme, such as travelling around the world, exploring new cultures, or music, animals etc… and encourages them to use their imagination to play out each theme. Through guidance, story telling and the use of fun props and yoga poses, children will learn to use their own creativity and imagination in a non-competitive way. Yoga will help them express themselves without judgment, and be kind to and respect others without the use of negative enforcement.  Also at the end of a fun and active class, they will learn to rest in a relaxation exercise.Lulushanti Yoga Studio in Albufeira offers yoga for kids.


On November 3rd, 2018,  Laura will be inviting children of all ages and their families, to experience a fun and free kids yoga class.

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