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Throughout the year, many people visit my classes. Ranging from hotel guests, local residents and regular visitors of different nationalities, levels of experience, and age.  Some stduents prefer the group setting, others prefer the private home visit, and some just want playful yoga on the beach. I am delighted to share some of their experiences through these testimonials. 

Yoga is very dear to me,
Ive had lessons by the score,
The benefits of the practice,
Start the moment i'm through the door. 
This year we took our 'gap year'
And travelled quite a bit
We 'wintered' on the Algarve
It was a massive hit!
But I missed my local regular group
So i searched and asked around
Then lucky me met Lulu
And the best class i have ever found.
she made us feel so welcome
Her smile lit up the room
She advanced myh practice such a lot.
Each wednesday from 10 till noon
Every session was very varied
She always asked for our needs.
Encouraging, kind and funny.
The BEST TEACHER Ive ever had indeed!
So very soon, we'll travel
Heading south towards the sun.
I cant wait to do it all again,
Excercise and have some fun!

Chris Bailey Allen

Marilyn Ingram

Lulu is an exceptional yoga instructor. Her classes are wonderful!

Donna Walsh

Lulu is an amazing yoga instuctor, her classes are the best!

Claire Burch
I have practiced a variety of yoga styles over the past 7 years with teachers from different parts of the world and have always found Lulu's classes dynamic, challening and uplifting. I would highly recommend her to beginners aswell because of her careful attention to alignment and gentle instruction. After each class, I always walk away with a little something new and different whether it be an asana, movement, stretch or outlook. 

Laura Denham-Jones
Lulu teaches an empowering, fluid vinyasa yoga class with creative, original sequencing, perfect pacing and clear instructions. The class left me with a pleasant feeling of grace and strength.

Sarah Downs
Lulu's yoga workshop was enhanced by her wisdom as a teacher, her expressiveness as a dancer and her gentleness as a yogini.


Lulu yoga is always worth getting out of bed for. xxx

Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant H x

Rita Guerra Pinto
Lulu's Yoga class is the perfect blend between strength- and flexibility-orientated exercises. As a high-intensity workout kind of person myself, I had always been pretty skeptical of just how much Yoga could really do for my body, and I guess I just thought it would also sooner make me yawn than wake me up. But I decided to give Lulu's class a go, having heard so many good things about it; and lo and behold, I was hooked from day one.
You see, time flies by in this class, as Lulu flows you from exercise to exercise; she will use different combinations every time, so there's no risk of settling back into a routine; and her tone is energetic and reassuring, becoming more soothing towards the end of class.
Most of all though, I have to say how very aware Lulu is of how her students are coping, and how she is always ready to help and explain the 
mechanics behind some of the more complex poses. And at the end of class, even though you may be somewhat shaky and sore in the muscles, you will feel both energized and relaxed. Like you have just given your body and mind a real treat.
So please don't go missing out on this any longer!

Lulu  has a real gift as a yoga teacher. Her instructions and guidance are clear and concise, allowing for one to pass from one asana to the next in total concentration. Her classes are varied and exciting and she is able to accommodate students of many levels and abilities, always patient and encouraging, suggesting variations and giving adjustments. Classes are not easy, but Lulu makes them enjoyable, and importantly, never takes herself too seriously! I always felt that I was making progress in my practice when I was attending her classes and now that I have moved away from Portugal, I always have her in my mind, inspiring me. 

Guida Pereira

I am so happy to have been introduced to Lulu´s classes almost 8 years ago. Her classes have not only been fun, challenging and inspiring but they have also been essential in recuperating my strength, flexibility and mobility following a debilitating car accident.   I feel calm and refreshed after every practice. Thank you Lulu! Namaste


“Best Yoga of My Life”

Review taken from Trip Advisor. 


I went here monday-friday 9am for yoga with Lulu who is freaking Fantastic at yoga. The Yoga is fantastic she transformed my body in a matter of weeks and ever since I have been back in the US I can not find one yoga teacher like Lulu. Please go here!!!


Christina Cavaco

I'm only a beginner to yoga and luckily I found Lulu. Lulu's easy going nature and eagerness to help makes you feel instantly welcome and comfortable. Her classes are dynamic and challenging (for all levels) where you leave feeling great about yourself and ready for the day. Lulu is an amazing teacher who not only leaves you in awe (she makes all the poses look super easy!) but inspires you to keep practising. I highly recommended Lulushanti!


Jutta Graf

She makes me feel healthy! Love!


I always appreciate her lessons very much! Great instructions, very understandable.

George Archer

I have been coming to Lulu's classes of yoga for many years and always enjoy them.

Alex Faulkner  
I'd been interested in trying yoga for a while before I stopped procrastinating and plucked up the courage and approached Lulushanti about how to get started.  I'd seen her name advertised and had heard from friends that she was the best yoga teacher in the area so I knew she was a good place to start my yoga "career". She was warm, helpful and welcoming from the start and assured me that beginners were welcome to start her classes at any time. So off I trundled one afternoon and met one of the warmest, most likeable people I'd met in a long time. I thought yoga would be an easy exercise option but after that first class all preconceptions were shattered. It's not easy and your body is stretched from top to toe but it makes you feel good from the inside out which is precisely what I needed. To me it seems to nourish the soul as well as the body and in these stressful times I believe we could all benefit from a little nuturing of mind, body and soul. Lulu is a fantastic teacher and is kind, patient and wise beyond her years and my outlook (and body) have changed for the better since meeting her and joining her yoga class. 

Sam Birch   
I have been attending Lulu’s classes for years, and her practice always leaves me feeling toned and relaxed with just the right amount of physical challenge. I really enjoy Lulu’s fluid style of yoga, and her bubby personality makes it a fun and positive experience. 

Rebecca Birch
Highly recommended! Lulus classes were extremely helpful and enjoyable.  Pregnancy yoga with Lulu Shanti really focused me on preparation for labour.  The Pranayama breathing techniques is something i would suggest everyone learns as I don’t know what I would have done without them, and i still find them useful today. Lulu Shanti made it so easy to do and she is an excellent instructor - Top marks! 

 Kate synnott

I go to yoga all the time in London, Lulu is one of the best teachers ive ever had.


Thank you Lulu for a lovely relaxing session - a perfect end to a very active day.

Elaine W. 

I met Lulu last year. I had previously tried different types of yoga but didn't enjoy it. However, since attending her classes, I absolutely love it. The atmosphere is so relaxing and energising. Thank you so much. I wish you held classes in the UK.

Keely Capel-Teixeira

Lulu has been excellent in provoding me with prenatal yoga and assisting me in adapting positions so that I can join in with regular classes. I would highly recommend her.


Dear Lulu

You are the best yoga teacher ever, your voice is like a beautiful music, which calms our thoughts, your creativity allows my body to feel like is dancing a spiritual dance of my heart.

Alex Edmans

Lulu is a super yoga instructor. She is very clear, offers several variations so that students of all abilities can get the most out of the class, and most importantly, makes yoga FUN! Thank you.


Its not all chaturangas and downward dogs with Lulu! she really listens to what you need and i really valued the (insanely painful) stretches. Peaceful, energising, effin awesome!

Dr. Bruna Pura

Lulu's class is absolutely amazing. After exercise is the best thing is to attend Lulu class for the magical journey that she takes you in yoga. Her spirit, her peace comes into her yoga class as very peaceful and beautiful to start the day with such energy. Thank you Lulu for your passion. 


It was such enjoyable classes; Ive learnt to twist and move my body in different ways. Thanx Lulu for make it so enjoyable. You master it. 


Absolutely loved all of your classes this week. After a long period of not doing yoga you have made me want to start again. Thank you for your torturous, but fun classes!


Lulu, thanx so much for all your fab classes. Ive been to a few classes and ive been  most inspired and most enjoyed yours. Clear instruction and always reminding us to smile even when we're in discomfort. Thanx again


Thank you for another fantastic fun filled sessions of yoga! Ive been hoping for a year that you would be here to teach yoga again! hope to see you again soon! ;)


Lulu, Obrigada pon estas aulas de yoga, pelo sorriso sempre presente fazendo com que seja mais facil. Espero que o regresso seja bom, aproveita o sol e o maravilhoso Algarve. 

If you have attended any of my classes and wish to write a testimonial, i would love to hear and share your experiences! Please send to my email: info@lulushanti.com